Abs Destroying Exercise

So you really wanna get some Abs??? If you want to create strength through your core and show of some abs of steel, you will need to not only lose weight around the middle and eat well. You also need to train those abs hard. Most people go to the gym and do hundreds of reps of many variations of sit ups exercises. What most people don´t realise is that by using something like TRX or […]

L-sit on parallettes

Types of Training

Welcome to Marbella’s Personal Trainer. We would love to help you train towards your goals. Get in shape, create muscle or lose weight. We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Train outdoors and enjoy the weather as well as your workout 🙂 Get your body in shape, and stay in shape with Marbella’s Personal Trainer. Whether it be HIIT(High intensity workouts) , Calisthenics (using your own body as resistance) or lifting weights in the gym. We have […]


Training Outdoors Marbella

Tired of the gym, why not start training outdoors? The fact is, we live in a wonderful and beautiful area of the world, and that´s without even mentioning the climate. 365 days of sun (ok I made that up but it´s probably close to 300 days a year). There are more gyms here than there are people ( or so it seems) and with more opening all the time, it´s something I cannot understand. We have […]