Abs Destroying Exercise

L-sit on parallettes

So you really wanna get some Abs???

TRX side plank

If you want to create strength through your core and show of some abs of steel, you will need to not only lose weight around the middle and eat well. You also need to train those abs hard.

Most people go to the gym and do hundreds of reps of many variations of sit ups exercises.

What most people don´t realise is that by using something like TRX or suspension training, you are working your abs literally all the time and in  practically every exercise that you perform. Your core is always tense even when peforming press ups as an example , since your body is in a plank position at the same time.

TRX can be very useful tools for creating strength and muscle in your abs.You might have even seen these hanging in your local gym now that they are becoming all the rage.

What you might not know, is that there a gazzillion exercises that can be performed on these straps of material. Things that you would probably never imagine as an exercise – especially if you are primarily a gym goer.

Take a look at this exercise which I would call “pike to plank” . You need a good strong core for this exercise and it’s definitely not one that I would try without experience. Key to success is keeping a strong plank position at the bottom (no dropping your hips) . At the top of the pike push your shoulders back behind you and keep your head between your shoulders for good positioning.

Give it a go and let me know how you got if your abs could feel the burn after this one!

Oh, and here are a few more ideas for other bodyweight exercises – check them out and tell me how strong you are!