Bodyweight Exercise


Bodyweight workout ideas

So you’ve come this far and are looking for some inspiration . You don’t know what level you are at yet or how strong you are.

Hopefully here you can get some ideas of different exercises that can be used as a strength tester. That way you will know what you can do / not do before starting a bodyweight exercise routines.

Tutorial videos have been done to death, so instead of us adding to that we will just list a few ideas and you can check them out for yourselves. We don’t see any point in rehashing what has already been done. There are some excellent tutorials out there so go have a look and check them out for yourselves.

Beginner bodyweight exercises

So let’s start with the basics . This list is by no means complete, but contains some of the essentials :

Press ups

Pull ups

Chin ups

Knee raises




Intermediate bodyweight exercises

Diamond press ups

Wide arm press ups

Closed grip / wide arm pull ups

Assisted one arm chin ups

Leg raises

Weighted squats

Weighted Lunges

Split squats

One armed plank

Side plank

Advanced bodyweight exercises

Archer pushups

Archer pull ups



Muscle ups

Human Flag

One arm chin up


Iron cross

So , where are you at?

So how did you get on? Are you advanced yet? If so, you don’t neeed a personal trainer, you need to become one! 🙂

If you still have some way to go, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.