Types of Training


Welcome to Marbella’s Personal Trainer. We would love to help you train towards your goals.

Sunset handstand session
Sunset handstand session

Get in shape, create muscle or lose weight. We understand that everyone’s needs are different.
Train outdoors and enjoy the weather as well as your workout 🙂 Get your body in shape, and stay in shape with Marbella’s Personal Trainer.

Whether it be HIIT(High intensity workouts) , Calisthenics (using your own body as resistance) or lifting weights in the gym. We have over 20 years experience with which to help you achieve your goals.




Double arm lever
Double arm lever

This relatively unheard of sport is now rapidly gaining ground all over the world. Just a quick look on youtube will give you huge inspiration for joining this method of training. Superhuman strength but without the bulk. Just watch these guys (and girls) performing muscle-ups, human flags, front levers and the ultimate iron cross. It’s like street gymnastics.

Not everyone is going to start with these incredible movements but pushups and pullups are achievable for everyone, and once you have the basics there is no stopping you!


Heasdtand training
Heasdtand training


High intensity training is nothing new these days. However itis an absolutely amazing weigh to burn off those extra pounds whilst creating a decent strength foundation. If you want to burn some calories and quick, try out this method . It will leave you panting and red faced (even a little green around the gills) but you will love the results!

Weight training

We can go back to the beginning of time and people were still lifting weights. Granted, they weren’t dumbells and they weren’t doing it in a gym, but the results were most likely the same.

Create bulk and strength with the three main movements.


Even if you did nothing else, these would give you an awesome body and awesome strength to go with it. You don’t need to be huge. Stop thinking of Arnie every time you enter the gym. Those guys had a lot of unatural help ( if you know what I mean) to be the monsters that they were.

Lifting weights is going to give you great body shape, if that’s what you want of course!