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We train anytime, anywhere!

Does the idea of lifting weights or a running machine bore you? Us too. Infact, we never do cardio based training. No Spinning, no bodypump, no crosstrainers and definitely no weights.

We are probably the only Calisthenics based trainers in the whole of Malaga. I have not seen one other trainer that focuses solely on using your own body as a weight and learning how to control it against gravity. That is what sets us apart from every other trainer.

Types of training

You got beach fit, crossfit (I shudder to mention the name), weights, aerobics etc etc. The list goes on. Forget all of those. We are pure calisthenics. What does that mean? Using your body as the weight.

Why calisthenics you might ask?

Good question. For us, it means being able to train anywhere. More importantly , learning yourself how to train anywhere. You don´t need to go to a gym to be able to train, nor does it matter when you go on holidays as you can still keep in shape in your room or on the beach. You literally are controlling your body against gravity. Lifting weights or spinning does not give you that freedom.

It might seem difficult at the start, but we are experts at training you at the right level for your strength and making you stronger “slowly”. We don´t rush you into anything so that you get injured fast. It´s methodical, but if you want to keep training over time it´s the only way.

You will see your body shape change and feel the new strength in every day tasks like lifting up that 8 litre bottle of water or putting your kids into the baby seat. This is real strength you can use too.

But what do you do???

This will entirely depend on your levels of strength and fitness at the beginning. You might not be able to do a pushup , pullup or squat. So we take it right down to basics and put you at a level where you can do any of these exercises. We then gradually build you up until you can do them as they were intended.

If these are basic exercises for you, we can look at more demanding and advanced exercises.

There is never going to be a level that isn´t going to challenge you, and that is where the fun is in calisthenics.

Compare this to weights as an example.

Say you do bench press, or bicep curl. In ten years or even twenty or thirty time you will still be doing bench press and bicep curl. The only thing that will have changed is the weight. The exercise has remained exactly the same.

Whereas you want to learn how to do chin ups or pullups? There are lots of different exercises you need to do first to strengthen yourself before even starting on the pullup bar. Whats more, once you can do a pullup, you take it to the next level and do another exercise. You literally are always changing and evolving the exercises . You won´t still be doing just pullups in 20 years time.

Eventually we can look at more fun and interesting stuff like handstands and human flags. But first things first, build up a foundation and take it from there.


A slight after note for those that want to train with weights. We aren´t anti-weights, and of course if you want to train with them too , no problem! We can even use them to make a bodyweight exercise more difficult like adding weight to squats or pullups if they are too easy.


Clear as mud?

I hope that I have managed to convey the idea behind calisthenics and made it easier to understand. If you still need more understanding or clarification, hit me up on my facebook page for more videos or start by contacting us to set up a first session or a chat and a coffee..

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